Based on your request a quotation will be processed including delivery time and price.

Purchase order

Goods are deemed to be ordered on the basis of the confirmation of the order that is sent following the receipt of your order. Confirmation of the order represents a purchase contract that leads to the sale.

Orders should be sent by e-mail to info@dreamland-plc.cz

Order confirmation can be conducted via e-mail or telephone

Sales order cancellation procedure

It is possible that a customer wishes to cancel an order they placed at DREAMland. Cancelling a sales order is possible at DREAMland, but is subject to strict terms and conditions and can only be done within a certain period of time.

As the nature and the origin of a product can vary considerably, the approval of a cancellation request strongly depends on a number of conditions being met. Has the article already been sent by DREAMland? Has it been purchased from a third party? Whether or not a cancellation request is accepted depends on the stage the order is in. Each of these stages has its own cancellation terms and conditions:

Sales order for a product which has not yet been sent or has not yet been purchased from one of DREAMlands’ suppliers:

Cancellation requests are 100% granted. The order will no longer be processed.

The sales order sent by DREAMland to one of its suppliers:

The cancellation conditions are determined by the supplier in question.

Sales order for products that have already been sent:

If products from DREAMlands’ stock have already been sent, these costs will be invoiced for the cancellation of the order and the returning of the products. These costs depend on the status of the product, i.e. new or used, and the time that has passed since the product was sent:

USED product from DREAMland’s stock:

1) 75% of the sales amount is credited if the product is still packaged and sealed as delivered by DREAMland and has therefore not been taken into use. If the product was not sold in a sealed box, DREAMland will determine on arrival whether the article was indeed not taken into use.

2) 75% of the sales amount LESS the testing fee of the product in question will be credited if the product has been removed from its sealed packaging and/or has been taken into use. Should it become apparent that a product has become defective as a result of inexpert use or external damage, then the repair fee of the product will be invoiced instead of the testing fee.

3) Should it become apparent that a product cannot be repaired and/or cannot be sold again (e.g. as a result of wrong use), then the cancellation request will not be granted.

NEW product from DREAMland’s stock:

1) 75% of the sales amount is credited if the product is still packaged and sealed as delivered and has therefore not been taken into use.

2) 40% of the sales amount is credited if the packaging has been opened but the product has not been taken into use. It will be checked on arrival whether the article has indeed not been taken into use.

3) When a new product has been taken into use, a cancellation request will not be granted. It is however possible to offer DREAmland this product for sale. But this will then be treated as a separate case.

  • Cancellation requests must be made within a one-week period after the product was sent. All requests received after this period will not granted.
  • DREAmland must always be informed of a cancellation requests beforehand. A one-sided cancellation without previous correspondence is not accepted by DREAMland
  • DREAMland sends a cancellation form (CANCEL-FORM) to anyone wishing to return an article for a crediting. This form must be completed and must be packaged with the product when it is returned.
  • Transport and/or other additional costs are never credited.
  • The assessment of the returned goods for which a cancellation request has been made, will be performed by DREAMland within a period of five working days.
  • Credit invoices are drawn up within two weeks after approval of a cancellation request.

When the abovementioned conditions are met and you wish to return a product to DREAMland for crediting, it is important that the products are easily recognized as such by DREAMland on arrival. That is why DREAMland has introduced the CANCEL-FORM.

This form contains all the data of the product as well as a checklist listing the terms and conditions of the cancellation procedure.

This form is sent on request and must ALWAYS accompany the returned product.

Method of delivery

Goods will be delivered either by courier DPD, TNT, in express cases by our driver.

Goods are delivered to the customer within the shortest period possible, up to the length of time defined by the quotation; the customer is informed concerning any potential extension of the delivery period.

Acceptance of goods

The customer should inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. Should any mechanical damage to the packaging of the product be observable, the customer is required to check the condition of the goods in the presence of the carrier and, in the case of any damage to prepare a record of the shipment damage and to have this fact confirmed by the carrier.

Based on the record drawn up the customer, either a reasonable discount will be given or a new product will be delivered. The customer also has the right to withdraw from the contract.

By signing the delivery note the customer confirms the acceptance of the goods and that they arrived mechanically undamaged. Later complaints concerning damage caused in the course of transport cannot be taken into account and will be rejected.

Payment for goods

  • for new customers on the basis of an invoice paid in advance – the goods will be dispatched after the amount has been credited to our account
  • for existing customers on the basis of an invoice with a maturity of 14 days from the date of delivery
  • COD – cash-on-delivery


A customer who does not buy goods in the course of his/her own business or other entrepreneurial activity, in accordance with § 53, paragraph 7 and § 54 of the Civil Code, additionally has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days following the receipt of the goods. The goods must be returned in their original undamaged packaging, together with the invoice and any other documents – manuals, etc.

Warranty period

The warranty period for all supplies is 12 months, unless otherwise agreed

Warranty Procedure

DREAMland repairs many products and has an enormous stock of used materials that are given a second life and are sold all over the world. The users of these products need to know that they are puchasing a fully tested and operational product and that a repair is returned in operational condition. If a product is not operational or there is doubt about this, the customer needs to have this resolved as soon as possible. That is why DREAMland has a quality policy for the products supplied and repaired.

DREAMland takes great care in the quality of its products. However, it is possible that products breakdown after repair or sale for a variety of reasons. It is important to determine whether the breakdown is caused by a fault in the product itself or by external problems or non-expert use. DREAMland guarantees the quality of its services and products, that is why it is important to know how and why a default could have occurred. For this reason, any warranty returns are thoroughly investigated by our own technicians. The warranty procedure is as follows:

General Warranty:

  • Any product supplied is given a full 12-month guarantee, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Any product repaired is given a full 12-month guarantee, unless agreed otherwise. For example, look at the procedure for C-repairs.
  • The warranty period commences the moment the product is despatched to the customer, which is the date on DREAMLand letter of contents.
  • The customer is responsible for ascertaining whether the supplied product is operational within the warranty period stated. The warranty period is valid as of the date of delivery and not as of the date of first use.
  • The original warranty period of the first supply remains in force, even if the part has been returned under warranty and repaired/replaced; the period will not commence again.
  • It is not possible to cancel an order/product due to a warranty claim. DREAMLand must always be given the opportunity to solve the issue by repairing the product or by providing an alternative.
  • If DREAMLand has purchased a product or repair from one of its suppliers, then the warranty provisions of this party apply in case of a guarantee claim.

Processing warranty claims:

Once it is determined that a product that has been supplied or repaired by DREAMLand, is not working or not working correctly, it is important to notify DREAMLand of the issue within the warranty period of that product. Warranty claims are processed centrally by DREAMLand. Once a warranty is claimed, DREAMLand will provide the customer with a warranty form. The form contains a number of questions, which need to answered and relate to the product for which the warranty is claimed. These questions can also be answered by other means of communication, for example, by phone. When the questions on the warranty form have been answered, DREAMLand will determine as soon as possible what action is required.

1 The information supplied makes it possible to solve the issue at a distance:

30% of all warranty claims are solved by technical support on, for example, how a product is re-installed, calibrated, set-up etc.

A) The guarantee claim has been dealt with

2 The information supplied makes it clear that it concerns a defect of the product itself:

It is often possible to confirm this by having the product installed at the customer in various machines and/or a comparison being made with another, similar product. Certain error codes could also indicate that it concerns a defect in the product itself.

A) The customer can return the faulty product for a free repair within the warranty period. A fully completed warranty form must always accompany the product.

B) If possible, and only in certain cases, is it possible for DREAMLand to arrange a warranty exchange. This is only possible when it concerns a product supply. This is not possible for warranty claims on repairs performed by DREAMLand. This means that an operational, identical product is sent by DREAMLand in exchange for the faulty product. In these cases, DREAMLand´s exchange procedures apply. The faulty exchange product must be returned, accompanied by the warranty form. This service does not require any additional payment.

If incorrect information is supplied regarding the description of the defect , and if this is confirmed by DREAMland´s technician after inspection, DREAMland is entitled to invoice for the costs incurred. For more information see the provisions under 3B.below

3 It is unclear whether the product itself is faulty or that it is caused by the peripheral equipment, non-expert use and/or other causes:

In this case, the product needs to be inspected to determine whether the product is indeed faulty and, if so, how the defect could have occurred. The customer will be asked to return the product for which a claim is being made to DREAMland for technical inspection. DREAMland is given the opportunity to investigate the warranty claim. It is also possible for the customer to request an advanced warranty exchange of the product, should the customer not have time to wait for repair. However this does involve the risk that the issue is not solved if the ‘defect’ is not caused by the product originally supplied. Another consequence is that JC-Electronics can only perform a technical inspection once the product under claim is received. If, after technical inspection, it becomes clear that the defect is not caused by DREAMland´s product or that the product is in operational condition, the costs incurred will be invoiced to the customer. Two possibilities are set out below, each with their own set of rules, in cases where the product works or does not work.

3A The ‘faulty’ product is returned to DREAMland for warranty inspection:

A) The product is operational; the costs incurred for the product in question and any transportation and other costs will be invoiced to the customer.

B) The product became faulty due to non-expert use; DREAMland will provide an invoice for the repair of the product. If the invoice is not accepted, DREAMland will invoice any costs it made for testing, transport and other additional costs. If it becomes apparent that the product is beyond repair, the repair costs are zero, but the costs made for testing will be invoiced.

C) The product itself is faulty; JC-Electronics will treat the warranty as an emergency repair and will perform an internal exchange if possible. All costs for the repair or exchange are payable by DREAMland. If repair or exchange of the product is not possible and no other alternative is available, the order for the product in question will be credited 100%, unless otherwise agreed beforehand, for example, read the provisions for C-repairs. The costs incurred by the customer for speed and or transport (express and taxi deliveries) will be compensated up to a maximum amount of EUR 75 as a general credit invoice or as a discount on the next order.

3B The customer wishes to receive a warranty exchange beforehand on the ‘faulty’ product:
As soon as the ‘faulty’ product is received by DREAMland from the customer, it will be thoroughly inspected within one week, with three possible outcomes:

A) The product is operational: The costs incurred for testing the product in question will be invoiced twice. Once for the exchange product sent and once to restock the product that has been returned. Any transport and other costs incurred will also be invoiced to the customer.

B) The product became faulty due to non-expert use:

  • If the product can be repaired, the product repair costs are invoiced to the customer, as well as transport and other costs.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, the product’s sale price will be re-invoiced to the customer, as well as any transport and other costs.

C) The product is faulty: As the product has already been exchanged, the warranty claim has been processed. The costs incurred by the customer for speed and or transport (express and taxi deliveries) will be compensated up to a maximum amount of EUR 75 as a general credit invoice.

The processing of warranty claims is a ‘learning curve’ for the customer, as well as for DREAMland, and provides an opportunity to gain a better insight into the operation of a product in its ‘natural’ environment. The reason why DREAMland spends a lot of time solving warranty claims is due to its continuous programme of technical quality improvement. If a warranty claim is not accepted by DREAMland, this will be supported by images (pictures, video) and an extensive report, which will be provided to the customer.

DREAMland takes responsibility for each return where there is doubt as to the cause of the faulty product and will process and bear the costs for the warranty claim.

Reasons why a warranty claim is not accepted:

  • A product is not faulty.
  • The fault is caused by inexpert use.
  • The warranty period has passed.
  • The warranty seals placed by DREAMland have been broken, unless DREAMland has given its explicit written permission to do so.
  • If a product is sent for repair under warranty several times, DREAMland retains the right to refuse a repair under warranty as it is possible that the cause of the fault originates from the customer’s installation.

In order to be able to guarantee a swift processing of any warranty claim, customers are requested to provide a carefully and fully completed DREAMland guarantee form and to always send these along with the returned products

Protection of the personal data of the customer

With the consent of the customer, the contractor collects his/her personal data, i.e. name, address, telephone number and email connection. These data are used primarily to facilitate the customer’s future orders

The supplier does not disclose this personal data concerning the customer to anybody else.

The customer may change at any time the data about him/her that the supplier has stored and processed by sending new data to the e-mail address: info@dreamland-plc.cz.

Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all purchase contracts between the supplier and the customer.

The supplier reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions. Any amended terms and conditions shall be suitably publicised on the website www.dreamland-plc.cz